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The Wolfman: An Unsolicited Review

Oh Wolfman, how do ye suck? Let me count the ways. This movie is awful, save your duckets and buy a sweater or get your teeth cleaned because it will be money better spent and you will have more fun.

Transformation scene, cool. Hugo Weaving, good. Everything else, godless pit of sewage but please don’t let me ruin it for you. Maybe when you go see it and realize that:

1) You don’t care about any of the characters
2) The love story is moronic and unbelievable
3)You realize you are watching Friday the 13th Part whatever, but with a Wolfman
4) You realize you paid $10 for a steaming pile of dung

Then you will most likely feel the way that I do. I won’t ruin all the corny B.S. and hack, stereotypical dribble JUST in case someone out there actually wants to see it and has suffered from oxygen deprivation and may actually enjoy it.

Feel free to disagree and let me know about it.


Sherlock Holmes: A Unsolicited Review

I read quite a bit, always have but I never read Sherlock Holmes. So, I give this review with no knowledge of how the characters should be portrayed.

I thought this was a great movie. Both Holmes and Watson were strong characters with a lot of depth. Downey and Law had a great chemistry that was fun to watch.

The fight scenes were great and the music fit nicely as well.

Another great aspect of this movie was that is was not JUST an action flick. The detective aspect of Holmes was well played. Batman must be partially based on Sherlock Holmes. Again I haven’t read Holmes so maybe the movie version of him is based partially on Batman.

I thought this movie was very, very good and to be honest I was surprised to learn that this is a Guy Ritchie film, as I have liked none of his previous films. I have to give him credit for this one.