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“The Key” to be published in Morpheus Tales

One of my favorite stories has found a home. “The Key” will be published in a future issue of Morpheus Tales, a beautiful looking magazine of horror, science fiction and fantasy.

In “The Key” a young man finds a key in his father’s coffin that he hopes can answer the mystery of his father’s difficult life and their strained relationship. Will he find what he is looking for or regret that he ever lay eyes upon the key? You’ll have to wait until 2012 to find out. That’s right 2012! Hey, good magazines have a long waiting list.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, please check out:

“‘Til Death” my vampire story available in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, which is chock full of Vampire goodness. You can download it for a measly $5 or buy the print copy for $10 here:–summer-2010/11609560

“Cookers” a story about a family making there way through a world of overheated, man-eating zombie. Oh, the vegetation has mutated to eat flesh as well. This is truly an After School Special loaded with lessons in family values. Check it out FOR FREE here:


I wrote a vampire story in class this year and amongst the stiff competition of my classmates I actually won a vampire story contest. ¬†This victory, however small, will remain on my mental resume forever. ¬†Anyway, it’s a becomes bit of a comedy piece as it develops and I have finally revised it. I plan on sending it out soon. I sent it out and now it has been accepted for publication.

If you want to read about Wraith and the mortal woman who stands between him and his dreams of power stay tuned to The Badgerine and

My short story “‘Til Death” is now appearing in the summer issue of Dark Gothic Magazine.

Here is the link to an updated blog where you can purchase the story, or just get the gist of what its about:
(click below)