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Chan Ho Park explains why he pitched so poorly. I love Mo’s reaction. From what I’ve read the guys cracking up are Chamberlain and Robertson


Heeyyy!  I'm a dousch!

Heeyyy! I'm a douche!

What did Big Papi say when A-Rod got busted as a member of the infamous cheater list:

“If I test positive using any kind of banned substance I’m going to disrespect the game, my family, my fans and everybody. And I don’t want to face the situation so I won’t use it.”

Oh, and don’t forget: “I test you, you test positive, you’re going to be out. Period.”

What does he say now that he is busted as well? “No comment.”

Way to go!  Not only are you a big, fat, .230 hitting loser, you are a hypocrite!  Good for you! (as said in my best Christian Bale going crazy voice)