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My Profile Now Graces the Morpheus Tales Website

I am now part of “The Team” on Morpheus Tales, which is a high quality quarterly horror magazine. My short story “The Key” was accepted back in August and will be published in January 2012. Yes, 2012 but don’t worry I’ll remind you as we get closer.

I know you can hardly wait and it must be hard to temper your excitement but do yourself a favor and read my other stuff while you’re waiting and check out my profile at:

Never has it taken me so long to write so little but I think it says what I want it to. It’s alphabetical so scroll down to “P” (just in case, that’s between O and R).


Odds and Ends

I am still waiting for story #7 to get picked up. “Always a Soldier” has been on the sort list for Pseudopod for a while. Last time I wrote about a story on the short list it went up in flames right after, so we’ll see about this one.

I’ve had a few stories I’ve needed to resend out out but I’ve been occupied on a longer piece that I’ve been writing for months. In an attempt to put a novel together I’ve been toiling away on a first draft that’s around 20,000 words so far (all my short stories have been 5,000 or less) and it’s been taking up a lot of time.

Needless to say after chatting w/ a friend in the business I’ve come to realize I’ve written myself into a corner because the subject matter is young aldultish. There may not be a market for the piece but I feel the need to finish it now. Like a muscle, as with writing, you need to exercise so I keep telling myself this venture is not a colossal waste of time. Time will tel…I’ll keep you posted.