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Reflections: Rejected Again

My dark fiction piece on a lost soul floating his way through life and discovering what he may or may not be through various mundane every day occurrences has once more been rejected.

Originally declined by Pseudopod the editor gave me the following feedback : “I really liked the style of this piece, and the tone is great, but I didn’t really care for the way the
narrator deals with his ……. Finding out that ……just didn’t deliver the impact it really
needed to.”

Then I sent it to Morpheus Tales and the editor said: “we enjoyed reading your story we do not feel the material is right for Morpheus Tales and unfortunately we cannot use the material offered. We liked your writing style, but felt the story could only end one of two ways and it was too easy to predict….”

I deleted some plot reveals from the feedback above, but taking what the editors told me I added some depth to the main character and an extra twist or two making the ending much less predictable. Apparently, the changes weren’t enough for the fine people at Apex Magazine, so onward to another publication!


Weird Tales Where Are You?

“The Cost That Lies Between Heaven and Earth” is one of my favorite stories that I have written. It’s a story told around the spanish inquisition and I think it has the perfect blend, of sex, violence,and mystery. Definitely in the weird category.

Since I was so high on the piece I sent it to uber market Weird Tales Magazine.

Weird Tales would be apex of what may considered my writing career. They have had my submission for 4 months. At first I was thinking “Yay, they are considering it’ BUT I sent a query as to what the status was and if they actually received it. That has gone unanswered for 2 weeks so I have come to the conclusion that they are just far behind and being a top market that attracts the top talent makes perfect sense. Heck, they were even closed for submissions a while ago they were so backed up.

So, I continue to wait. Out of curiosity does anyone know if they happen to be behind?