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My ‘Disturbing’ Story “Kidney” is in Broken Bones & $10 Bills Anthology.

I’m thrilled that my story made it into my first anthology. In the past I’ve been rejected immediately and have made the short list only to be cut at the last moment, but at last, I made it all the way. Not only did I make it, but I was mentioned in the introductory message:

“Welcome to Broken Bones & Ten Dollar Bills. I honestly don’t think you’ll find such an eclectic (and sometimes downright disturbing (Kidney)) set of stories in an anthology.”

I’m never been happier to be labeled disturbing!

Amazon is taking pre-sales at the following links:

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My Story: “Always a Soldier” is Published in Morpheus Tales 30. Out Now!


Morpheus Tales 30 is out now! The thirtieth issue of the UK’s most controversial weird fiction magazine! Featuring: The Grab Bag By Jack D. Zeidman Illustrated By Mark Pexton, Always A Soldier By Matthew Piskun, Voices On The High Wind By Michael Reyes Illustrated By Sean Bova, Candle With A Name By Nick Manzolillo, Wendell By M. J. Ryan Illustrated By Joe Young, The Fountain By Craig W. Steele, Jimmy Google And His Amazing X-Ray Spectacles By Todd Outcalt Illustrated By Max Martelli, X-Ray Spring By Jared A. Robinson, Late Night Programming By Stephen McQuiggan. Read the magazine Christopher Fowler calls “edgy and dark”.

The free preview of the magazine is available here:…/docs/morpheus_tales_30_preview

The printed digest size edition is available here:…/morph…/paperback/product-23165977.html

The printed perfect-bound edition is available here:…/morph…/paperback/product-22891778.html