Monthly Archives: October 2010

“Desert Walker” is in Fact Not Lucky #7

No my supernatural tale is not publication #7 but has gone down in flames once again, albeit kicking and screaming this time as it spent nearly 2 months on the Shroud short list.

But hey, “Little Pieces” can still be read in the fine pages of Necrotic Tissue. Treat yourself at the following link:

Necrotic Tissue #12 Featuring “Little Pieces” is out

My Issue of Necrotic Tissue #12, featuring “Little Pieces”, has arrived in the mail. I am quite impressed. Its a gorgeous soft cover that comes just in time for Halloween.

Little Pieces is one of my favorite stories. I tried hard to make it a character driven story submersed in a world of horror and suspense and I think it worked out well. The story is about a deep love that is lost and depths the main character will go to to reclaim it.

It’s available for sale here: