Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen; an unsolicited review



First, I loved the first movie, its a family favorite in my household.  The second movie left a lot to be desired.  The special effects were better in the 2nd installment and the story left a little to be desired but what did this movie in was the awful, awful humor.

I expected better with the same team of writers/directors.  The first movie was warm and had its funny moments.  Fallen tried to be funny but was insulting to the intelligence of anyone over the age of 11.

Did we really need to see Sam’s mom high on pot brownies?  This was cliche and moronic.

John Turturro’s sector 7 character was flat out annoying BUT not as a buffoonish as Sam’s new roommate who was completely unnecessary.

Those 2 robots Skids and Mudflap were racist caricatures that were insulting and unnecessary.  They were on par with Jar Jar Binks for unneeded stupidity.

Bottom line is this movie is fun but there is too much crap in between to keep it from being nothing more than mediocre.


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  1. you don’t know crap about movies you shud go and kill your self

  2. Uhhh… OK, Mack. I’ll get right on that, right after you learn to spell. Now go play with your toys and don’t be afraid of the short bus. Remember, we need to get you that special attention that you deserve. Or, we could go the sterilization route, either way is fine with me.

  3. i felt like a lot of it was unnecessary but i was satisfied with it. werent the twins more stereotypical than racist? this movie left me excited for the third one though, with how good the fight scenes were i these people can do almost anything in between and itll still be all good in my opinion.

    mack, you should go kill yourself for saying that nonsense.

    • Thanks, Gene. At the very least we can agree that there should be one less idiot in the world. I bitch about The Fallen but I’ll end up buying it anyway.

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