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“Little Pieces” Finds a Home

My story “Little Pieces” was selected today for issue#12 of Necrotic Tissue due out in October 2010. Necrotic Tissue is a quarterly print magazine and I’m thrilled to be in it.

In “Little Pieces” the main character is dealing with the death of a close friend so he does what any of us would do. He tries to bring her back from the dead. This story was one of my favorites. I wrote the first draft in about two sittings which I don’t think I’ve ever done before and I really enjoyed the ending so I’m glad it found an excellent home.

Now we wait. Until October. More details to come.


The Crystal World

The novel tells the story of a physician trying to make his way deep into the jungle to a secluded leprosy treatment facility. While trying to make it to his destination, his chaotic path leads him to try to come to terms with an apocalyptic phenomenon in the jungle that crystallizes everything it touches.

At first glance I wasn’t to excited to read this book that Jeff Ford gave me to read. He’s been trying to expand my reading horizons and the first book he let me borrow was “Dangerous Laughter”, which quite honestly I had to force myself to get through.

I had never heard of J. G. Ballard and the book was published in 1966 so what was there to get excited over?

Well I’m about 1/2 done and this book is great. I have never read such enjoyable characterizations before. And his pacing and suspense are great as well. Best of all he is grandiloquent and pulls it off nicely.

I haven’t finished it yet but I highly recommend the book. Has anyone heard of any other good books by Ballard?