I wrote a vampire story in class this year and amongst the stiff competition of my classmates I actually won a vampire story contest.  This victory, however small, will remain on my mental resume forever.  Anyway, it’s a becomes bit of a comedy piece as it develops and I have finally revised it. I plan on sending it out soon. I sent it out and now it has been accepted for publication.

If you want to read about Wraith and the mortal woman who stands between him and his dreams of power stay tuned to The Badgerine and

My short story “‘Til Death” is now appearing in the summer issue of Dark Gothic Magazine.

Here is the link to an updated blog where you can purchase the story, or just get the gist of what its about:
(click below)

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  1. Nice writng.. where is the rest ? Awesome 🙂


    South Africa,.

    • Hey, Riaan, Nice to hear from South Africa! Thanks for the kind words. I am trying to get the whole story published and I honestly don’t know what the rules are w/ electronic rights once someone buys it from you. I will look into it and post more if possible.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this keep up the good work I also love the picture it is so real and inajenitive

  3. i stil think that bela lugosi who played cont dracula in the 1931

    the black & white classic film by todd browing stil stands as an horro

    movie classic its was a head of its time as for useing camera effects

    the use of tracking in the opening secenes of dracula. that was an first

    in that era of movie making of the early 1930s/1940s
    thats why even today fans of classic horro films dracula with bela lugosi.
    as the leading role as count dracula will always remmbed as the
    king of the movie vampires.

  4. I really want all the books from twilight like new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn. But my parents said they can’t affoid it so i was so fucking upset sorry for my bad languages.

  5. Keep up on the vampire stuff…they are hot right now…of course I think they are a bunch of BUFFY rip offs…LOL

  6. Hey, this is Katrina. You have seriously got to put the rest of the story up! That was really good. If it does get published then you have to let me be the first to get it. Anyways e-mail me the rest of the story! I have really got to read that! It sounds interesting already!!!!!


  7. CLIFFHANGER MUCH… LOL.. keep writing yeahh your soo good.. LOL.. wanted to see what happens heheh oh well..

  8. Thanks, Kee-anne and Katrina. I’ll let you guys know if the story finds a home. It was deemed too “light’ of a story by who published my first story “Infestation.”

    Hope you stop by from time to time.

  9. I luv writing stories….

  10. Eliza,

    Do you post them anywhere?

  11. i think this could be a really good book or story and ive read a lot of books especially vampire books but this one could really be good id like to read the rest of it……

  12. Lorraine Dobbie

    Am I able to use the image on a book trailer I am making without infringing copyright?

  13. I imagine there would be copyright issues but I’m not expert.

  14. tweet meme has you on their hot list for currently ;D

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