Drowned Life Reading


I’m going to see Jeffrey Ford do a reading, from his short story collection The Drowned Life, this Friday at the Moonstone Art Center in Philly. I have never been to a reading before and I’m excited. I can’t think of a better person to go and listen to.

If you haven’t read Jeffrey Ford you should, ’nuff sad. He is one of the best. If your looking to dip your toe into Ford’s goodness (gak) I suggest starting with:

The Physiognomy:After reading this I had two favorite books, this first book in the well-built-city trilogy and The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker. Trust me, read The Physiognomy and the other two books will be a must read. They’re all great and I particularly loved the last book The Beyond. How these books aren’t movies yet I’ll never know.

The Girl in the Glass. This book is just a pleasure to read. I was actually disappointed to have it come to an end. I haven’t read all of Ford’s work yet ( I will) but to me this was the most beautifully written so far.


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