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Feedback from the Steel Cities Anthology




I’m on the bubble of being accepted into the Steel Cities Anthology. That’s what senior editor Steve Ramey told me; however, there are still some 57 other stories yet to review. As one of my favorite ficticious pilots famously uttered, “Never tell me the odds!”

So here is some of the negative feedback I’ve received from his editors:

  • cliche metaphors
  • I don’t think the payoff quite justifies the word count
  • The metaphors were heavy-handed
  • we once again have a male characters fixated on almost exclusively on tits and ass

However, just when you think the story has no chance, I present to you the good:

  • very well written
  • good sense of reinforcing imagery and escalation
  • The writing pulled me in
  • I was sickened by some of the imagery, but I kept reading because I wanted to know what would happen
  • pulled in by the characters relationship triangle
  • Overall, I was compelled to read this story to the end despite its problems

Should know in a couple of weeks.