How about an Escape from the Real-Life Horror of Politics? Check Out the Dark Fiction Political Anthology: After the Kool-Aid is Gone

I’m excited and fortunate that my short-story “Pax Salutem” has made it into the political horror anthology After The Kool-Aid is Gone.

My story is a dark twist on government controlled healthcare that has created a near utopian society. However, this IS the government we’re talking about and they’ve been know to screw a thing or two up and quite possibly, maybe do unscrupulous things to make the ends justify the needs.

A new father learns the very hard and horrifying truths that are hidden beneath the rotting layers of this seemingly perfect society and must now make choices that no parent should ever have to.

I’ve read the synopsis’s from the many talented authors in this anthology and TRUST me you don’t want to miss it!


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