Odds and Ends

I am still waiting for story #7 to get picked up. “Always a Soldier” has been on the sort list for Pseudopod for a while. Last time I wrote about a story on the short list it went up in flames right after, so we’ll see about this one.

I’ve had a few stories I’ve needed to resend out out but I’ve been occupied on a longer piece that I’ve been writing for months. In an attempt to put a novel together I’ve been toiling away on a first draft that’s around 20,000 words so far (all my short stories have been 5,000 or less) and it’s been taking up a lot of time.

Needless to say after chatting w/ a friend in the business I’ve come to realize I’ve written myself into a corner because the subject matter is young aldultish. There may not be a market for the piece but I feel the need to finish it now. Like a muscle, as with writing, you need to exercise so I keep telling myself this venture is not a colossal waste of time. Time will tel…I’ll keep you posted.


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