Tattoo Artists Are Not The Most Organized Of The Business Community

Our dg ate your design.  Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

Our dog ate your design. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

I have a Yankee tattoo.  No, I’m not a bandwagoner I got it in 1997 after I went my adult life with one or two Yankee playoff appearances.

Anyway, I have been toying w/ getting another one since then and ultimately decided I would et one once I got one of my stories published.  Well, Infestation was published on on June 5th so now I was ready.

I have a symbol that I created for my “novel” that I hope to one day publish.  So, all I need is an artist.  Easy right?

The first guy was a whackjob.  I coudn’t get him to send me his rendition of my design.  He had every excuse in the book including the “I needed to go on a journey to Florida to pick up my wife and kid then drive all the way back unexpectedly” story.    A friend of mine who knew his boss said something after my trying to get in touch with him for 2 months and the artist makes a startling revelation.  Apparently he visited me in an alternate reality where he told me that water, from out of nowhere, decided to pour itself all over my design turning it to mush.  Let call this reality the “Bull Shit” reality.  In Bull Shit reality he has repeatedly asked me for another copy and I keep telling him that I will e-mail it to him but, sadly never do.  Bull Shit reality me seems to be a it of an asshole.  I decided to leave this artist to wallow without me in Bull Shit reality.

Next I hit it off with a woman who quickly whips me up a design.  I love what I see but would like to see  variation or two since it will be inked permanently on my flesh.  My apt. is in 2 days and she has apparently dropped off the face of the earth for the last month.  Now I will be forced to go into my apt. and request that she whip another design or two prior to taking needle to my skin.

Should it be this hard to pay someone for a service?


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