Odds and Ends


Firstly,  I just got back from the Bahamas.  My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary there and we had a great time, however; its amazing how traveling by air these days can completely destroy a good time.  Not only did American Airlines cancel our flight to Miami on our way back to LaGuardia, they put us on a connector that only gave us 45 minutes to get to our next flight.  We had to sprint through the terminals because we had to go through security AGAIN because we had to enter a new terminal.  Of course we out ran our luggage which now resides somewhere in the twilight zone.  Hopefully we get our stuff back.

On a lighter note INFESTATION, on Pseudopod.org, is still going strong with 45 comments.  If you haven’t, please check it out and leave a comment.  I would love to hit the big 5-0.  Go here to check it out:   Pseudopod 145: Infestation

Also, I get so many great comments on the reading by Cayenne Chris Conroy.  A very big and public “THANK YOU” to him for lending his talent.

Lastly, just sent a story ,I hope to get published, to Black Static in the U.K.  It’s a really cool and different magazine.  Check it our here:     http://ttapress.com/blackstatic/

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