The Interview



The karma in my writing life has been unbelievably good.  First I befriend a woman named Lynn at work after moving to south Jersey.  She, like myself, is  a huge Yankee fan and she was familiar with were I grew in Rockland County, NY.  and remembered fondly Rockland Bakery and their incredible pumpernickle.  So, every time I went home and hit Rockland Bakery I would bring her back some pumpernickle.  Fast forward a year or two and I trying to get a “novel” published and someone says to me “you should ask Lynn about publishing.”  “Why?” I ask.  Well Lynn is married to Jeffrey Ford who happens an amazing writer.  I had no idea.  So Lynn puts me in touch with him and next thing you know I’m in Jeff’s class learning how to write.  All praise pumpernickle bread!


Also, congrats to Jeff.  His novel The Shadow Year has just won the Shirley Jackson award!


Now, fast forward to class.  There’s this soft spoken gentleman who is actually walking to and from the train station to class.  Te walk is about 3-5 miles!  Class would end at 10PM and this guy was walking at least 3 miles in the dark.  I offer to drive him to the train station after class and continue to do so for our 2 years in class together.  Turns out he is a great guy, we hung out before and after class, and he even got me and my son into Comic Con in NYC.  Also, it turns out he is an incredible writer.  He has an amazing way with words and wrote on a higher level then anyone else in class.  We still bounce some things off each other.  


Anyway, my friend from class, Hanvey,  just had his first work published!  Congrats to him and check his piece out at:

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