New Yankee Stadium


I have been to Yankee Stadium a few times now and I love it. The concessions are great, no wait to take a leak anymore, and no more being herded like cattle through tight corridors. I also love the sight line I have.

There is only one problem. It’s still not Yankee Stadium to me. I know it will be eventually but the only one I have ever known sits next door, an aging lonely ghost wishing to go peacefully to the other side. She moans in the wind dying slowly as every piece of her is ripped away and sold at unreasonably high prices.

My first game at the new stadium there was literally a huge black cloud that hung over the old stadium. Like the grim reaper it sat over head looking down and waiting. Get it over with. I can’t accept the new one whole heartedly until the old one is out of sight, where the only place I will see her is in my mind.

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