Long Ass Sentence


I was once challenged to write a sentence that was one page long. Well, here is what I affectionately call “Long Ass Sentence.” Try reading it in one breath.

As the swollen, spherical, moon, glowing in all its angelic radiance appeared in the frozen December night sky with icy mist clinging to the air and reflecting, like crystals, the enchanting white lunar light, I stared up into the heavens hoping and praying to God for a glimpse of salvation, as despair rotted my guts, gnawing at me like a parasite that would never be satisfied, even with my premature death it would feed off the dust, that the worms and decay of the bitch known as time, had ground my bones into, when I saw a glimmer of hope in the form of a trail, that plowed through the cold, black, menacing sky, a pinprick of hope in a sea of sorrow, its light shimmered and grew, dark blues and purples rippled like cosmic waves and distorted the winking stars into blurry afterthoughts and like a tiny, insignificant seed, hope began to bloom in the lifeless, hardened stone that was once my beating heart, its welcome roots spread as the gift from above grew closer, yellows and greens now accompanied by a siren of angels that trumpeted the arrival of new beginnings, bleating out the sorrow, like beating snakes from tall weeds, the harbinger grew closer, so close I wanted to reach up and close my fist around it, keeping it for myself, never to share with the rest of the world, the searing gift from above, and then as quickly as it brilliance came to me it started to fade, dissipating into cosmic dust that floated down into the midnight sky having given me its message of hope and wishes, knowing that it only needed mere moments of dazzling glory to inspire lifetimes of inspiration it died, but in doing so gave me an ally in the struggle against the darkened, bitter bile that perverted my waking thoughts and plagued my dreaming consciousness, so tonight as I lay in my cold, lonely sheets, they would for the first time in years, become warm and comfortable and inviting, and I would sleep the sleep of the blessed knowing that in the darkest of night a beacon of hope would show itself if I waited long enough.

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